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Essay questions used on Blog

Discussing a theme

Advantages and disadvantages of having a dog at home?
Why are so many animals in danger?

Behaviour/life choices
Would you like to “volunteer” for anything? Give reasons.
How and why do people try to be “different”?
“Good manners cost nothing”. Do you agree with this saying?
Do you think manners are disappearing nowadays? Why? Why not?
What can you do to escape from reality?
What will you do to make next year the best year ever?
Not everyone shows their feelings in the same way. Do you agree?
Would you date with someone you’ve met in the chat?
Some lies are not bad. Do you agree?
There are times when lying is acceptable. Do you agree?
Having a regular daily routine is important for success.” What do you think?
You can always learn from experiences.
How can a baby boom affect society in the future?
Is it good to always follow the rules?
What kinds of social problems does alcohol cause in your country?
Celebrities have the right to keep their personal life private. Do you agree?
What do you think it is like to be a celebrity? Write about the advantages and disadvantages of being famous.
People’s privacy is unprotected nowadays.
Everybody procrastinates. Do you agree? 
How important do you think it is to make a good first impression?
Do you think young people have good/bad manners? Give reasons

Nationalities, Celebrations and traditions
How important do you think it is to celebrate important occasions in our lives?
“Valentine’s Day tradition was created by the big department stores to make a profit”. Do you agree?
Christmas incite people to buy items they do not really need.
Do you celebrate any historical dates? 
How important do you think it is for people to maintain their cultural traditions? Give reasons.
Traditions are important and should be preserved?  Do you agree?  
“We should keep our cultural and artistic heritage”. Do you agree?
Do you think the way other countries see Spanish people is correct? What do you think about stereotypes?

What do you think of the idea of swapping textbooks for tablets?
‘Not everything that we have to study at school is useful.’ Do you agree?
Our universities and schools do not teach the things we need to know.’ Do you agree?
What is the best way to learn about history?
Sport records or education. What do you think is more important?
Do you think all children should learn the history of art?
Do you think it is important to study science at school? Why or why not?
How important is it to take into account pupils' special needs and how can this be done?
Are children nowadays doing too many extra curricular activities?
“Exams are the best way to test someone’s knowledge.”  Discuss.
“in order to be successful in life, you have to go to university”.  Do you agree?
Nowadays, we can learn in very different ways to the ways our parents did.

People nowadays are recycling more than before. Do you agree?
Do people follow the rules for recycling rubbish?
What do you think about climate change? How can you help?
Do you think it is a good idea to build replicas to protect the originals?
“Everyone can help to save our planet”. Do you agree?
What do you think about climate change? How can you help?
Do you think cars should be banned from city centres? Explain your answer.
“We could not live without plants”. Discuss
Should people take better care of the environment?

Do you remember your dreams? Write about a strange dream that you have had.

Family and relationships
What do you think will be the best way to balance your professional life with your family life?
What do you think about love relationships between classmates?
Teenagers are some of the happiest people in the world. Do you agree?
How important is it for children to help with the house work? Why/why not?
What differences can you see between men and women?
Do you think large families have more advantages or disadvantages?

Write 130 words about fashion and models.
“Everyone should have the right to dress the way they want.” Do you agree?
Will fashion change much in the future? What will people be wearing in 2050?
How important is fashion for you?
What influence has the fashion industry had in your country?
'Beauty is only skin deep' What is your opinion of this famous saying.
Would life be different without jeans?
Do you think we are too worried about fashion?
Appearance is very important in our society.
Appearance is more important than comfort.

Do you think it is essential to eat all sorts of food to be healthy?
Eating at home or eating out. What do you prefer?
What do you do to look after your diet? Discuss.
How do you think it is best to reduce child obesity?
“Many people say that the food we eat nowadays is nothing like the food our grandparents ate”. Do you agree?

Spas are becoming increasingly popular. Give reasons.
Nowadays, many people say that we do not look after our bodies properly. Do you agree?
What do you think of the smoking ban introduced in Spain?
Governments put warnings on products like tobacco and alcohol. Do these warnings work? Should there be warnings on other things too?
So many different people tell us what to eat and what not to eat. Should we listen to their advice?
Modern lifestyle is making people abandon healthy habits. Do you agree?
“A good night's sleep helps us to keep active.” Do you agree? Why? Why not?
Drinking habits in your country
Smoking should be considered an illegal drug. Do you agree?
‘There is no excuse these days for not being fit and healthy.’  Do you agree?
Alternative medicines (homeopathy, kinesiology, naturopathy ...) use different ways of diagnosing and treating patients.  What are the arguments for and against alternative medicines?
What healthy habits do you have?
What are the key factors for wellbeing?
We often forget that sleeping is necessary for our well-being. Do you agree?

How much has English got into your language?
How can the Internet be a helpful tool when learning a foreign language?

What kind of films do you like? Why?
What do you prefer - a good book or a good movie?
Benefits of board games
Watching a film at home or going to the cinema. What do you prefer and why?
A good film should reflect real life.  Do you agree?
“A noisy disco is the perfect place to have fun”. Do you agree with this statement?

Are we easily influenced by advertising?
Why do people take so many photographs everywhere?
How do you prefer to communicate and why?
How important is looking at, reading about, or listening to news to you?

What do you think about the role of charities in today’s society? Do you think they are necessary? Discuss.
 “Money gives no happiness”. Do you agree with this statement?
People try to make money easily out of insurance companies. Do you agree?
Do you keep the things you do not need? Have  you ever thought of selling them?

How many different ways are there to keep your music? What’s your favourite?
How do you choose the music you listen to?
How important do you think music is?
“Music is just one of many things which help us to celebrate.” What do you think?
“Music is a very important part of our lives and it can be used in lots of different ways.”  Do you agree?
What kinds of music do teenagers like?
Do you think music can reflect the society of the moment? Give examples that justify your answer.
“Music plays an important part in TV advertising”.  Do you agree?
In your opinion, what makes a good album?
Why reading is important.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking part in a book club?
“It is a good idea to make pupils read novels at secondary school” do you agree with this statement? 
Do you think the Internet will make physical books disappear?
What do you think about e-readers? Do you prefer printed books?

Thanks to scientific discoveries, we are able to discover many things about the past.

Where do you like to do your shopping? Give reasons.
‘Nowadays, it is possible to buy absolutely anything’. Do you agree?
“You can buy anything 24/7”.
Advantages and disadvantages of using credit cards.        
Shopping online or going to the shops. What do you prefer and why?
Price is a synonym of high quality. Do you agree?
Advantages and disadvantages of buying online.
What’s the worst shopping experience you’ve had?

“Although it is easy to do sport nowadays, fewer people than ever are getting regular exercise”. Do you agree?
'What is your opinion of dangerous sports and why do some people enjoy doing them?

‘Nowadays, the internet makes it possible for everyone to be famous’. Do you agree? Is it always a good thing?
“Nowadays people could not live without internet”. Do you agree with this statement? 
Are online games educational? Is it easy to get addicted to games?
What do you think about social networks like Facebook, Twitter?
Social networks are becoming a problem for some youngsters. Do you agree?
Does the Internet make everybody’s life easier?
Advantages and disadvantages of the Internet
“The internet is not always a good thing. It is also dangerous.” Do you agree?
How can the Internet help handicapped people?
Many people say that the internet is the most important invention ever. Do you agree?
What do you think of the idea of swapping textbooks for tablets?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology in education?
Will digital information take the place of the traditional way of being informed?
“Technology does not always help us in our daily life” Do you agree?
Advantages and disadvantages of downloading music, films,... from the Internet.
Advantages and disadvantages of having a smartphone.
How has technology changed our lives? or
How do you think technology will change our lives?

Have you ever visited any historic buildings? Write about your experience.
Nowadays, there are so many ways of finding out about places we would like to travel to. Which do you use?
What is your favourite way of travelling and why?
Travelling helps us understand the world.
We cannot live without cars. They are an essential part of our lives.
What type of museums / monuments / attractions do you like visiting when you go on holidays?
Why are low cost holidays so popular nowadays?
Would you spend your holidays on a safari? What would your idyllic holidays be like?
What kind of accommodation do you prefer when you travel? Give reasons
In your opinion, what are the possible advantages and drawbacks of cycling in capital cities like London?
Does a car always give you independence?
Would you travel to New York if you had the opportunity to? Why? Why not?
“Travelling around the world has become so much easier”. Do you agree?
Which cities would you like to visit around the world?

“In today’s world, it is impossible to concentrate.”  Do you agree?
‘Nowadays people are in danger of becoming isolated individuals’. Do you agree?
How can a baby boom affect society in the future?
Life in the past was better. Do you agree?

Do you like winter? Why?
I would/ wouldn’t like to live in a place with good weather, like the Canary islands.

 Work is not just about the salary” What do you think?
‘If you want to be successful, you have to work hard.’ Comment.
Would you like to work abroad?
What’s your ideal job? Why?

World events
Our world is changing faster than ever before.’ Do you agree?
“Protests do not need to be big to be effective.” Do you agree?
Do you think strikes are a good way of solving problems?
"Once you have lost something, you will never get it back". Do you agree?
How important do you think it is for people to maintain their cultural traditions? Give reasons.

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