jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2014

Warren Buffett's son glad not to have father's money


                        Question 1

            a) True. withholding money is the only way to help young people truly reach their full                            potential.
            b) True. Buffett does not stand to inherit any of the $37 billion his famous father has                          made. And that, the younger Buffett maintains, is a priceless gift
            c) True. More demanding, and rewarding, is the act of getting "down on the floor" and                      playing
            d) False. Buffett received $90,000 from his father. The more meagre amount

          Question 2

                a) Not giving him money. Making him confident and responsible.
                b) Paragraph 5.

             Question 3

            a)         actually
            b)         commercial
            c)         wealthiest
            d)  eventually
            e)  pondering / ponder

                  Question 4
            a)         Financial benefits are fully admited to have been received. 
            b)         Buffet said that there was not a minute he would have chosen the money over the                          experiences he had had. 
            c)         If Buffet hadn’t need to pay rent and put food on the table, he wouldn’t have been                           so motivativated.

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