jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2014


Are these sentences British or American English? Decide, by reading the whole sentence, if you have to use the British or the American word, which is given in brackets.

  1. Juliet spends her time with the Girl Scouts and Chuck spends his leisure time playing (football / soccer) or watching TV.

  1. As I was driving down the motorway, I noticed that my (motor / engine) was overheating.

  1. The radiator was empty, so I drove carefully to the nearest (gas station / petrol station). There was a long line of automobiles waiting at the (gasoline / petrol) pumps.

  1. Steam was coming from under the (bonnet / hood) as I drove up the water tap.

  1. Mr. Wilson was driving into town .Suddenly the traffic lights changed and he stopped the car at the (pedestrian crossing / crosswalk).

  1. Just then an (articulated lorry / trailer truck) passed him and scraped the fenders on the driver’s side of the car.

  1. Soon a cop arrived and questioned several witnesses who were on the (sidewalk / pavement).

  1. The lorry driver was convicted of driving without care and attention and was (sacked / fired) by his boss.

  1. Henry’s son was running in from the yard, while his wife was going into the kitchen to (wash / wash up) the dishes. Henry shouted at him: “You shouldn’t come into the house with those muddy (rain boots / Wellington boots)”.

  1. The smart government employee was waiting at the bar to order a (lager / beer) and a glass of (whisky / whiskey).


  1. soccer
  2. engine
  3. gas station – gasoline
  4. bonnet
  5. pedestrian crossing
  6. trailer truck
  7. sidewalk
  8. sacked
  9. wash – rain boots
  10. beer – whiskey 

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