jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

four weddings and a funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral Part 1 (first 10 minutes)

Before watching the film, check these words in a dictionary:
bride/ groom/ bridesmaids/ bouquet/bestman/ wedding gown/veil/rings/reception/ speech

Watch the first part of the film and make a note of the differences between Spanish and English weddings.
Watch the film and answer the questions True or False
1.      They all arrive on time for the wedding.
2.      They drive to the wedding in a red mini.
3.      The driver nearly causes an accident because he misses the turn off
4.      The bride arrives in a brand new car.
5.      Angus is getting married to Lily
6.      The bestman forgot the ring.
7.      Few of the woman are wearing hats.
8.      Everyone sings in tune.
9.      The rings are both plain gold.
10. Everyone enjoys the guitar playing.


1.F  2.T   3.T  4.F  5.F   6.T  7. F  8.F  9. F 10. F

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