jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

Real junk food: Bristol cafe serves up food saved from supermarket rubbish bins


Question 1

            a) FALSE “ A non-for-profit cafe wants to raise awareness”
            b) TRUE “The menu is certainly eclectic, ranging from Orkney crab and king prawn salad to spicy baked beans on toast.” or “ tomorrow it will be all change again”
            c) TRUE “I am really conscious of food safety and food hygiene.”
            d) FALSE “which asks it customers to "pay-as-they-feel"

Question 2

            a) - food past its sell-by date and dumped in supermarket and restaurant bins
                - receives donations from farms, local businesses and families
                - has also formed a partnership with restaurant chain Nandos
            b) -they get different foods in every day
                - they look at what they get and prepare meals

Question 3

a)       (to) prove / proving
b)       (to) range / ranging
c)       (to) dump / dumped
            d)    otherwise
            e)    surplus

Question 4

a)       They said that they looked at what they’d got and they made up meals and served them.
b)       A partnership with restaurant chain Nandos has also been formed .
c)       If he didn't want to raise awareness about food waste, he wouldn't have opened the restaurant.

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