jueves, 12 de febrero de 2015

Museum's 'Dippy' dinosaur makes way for blue whale

Question 1

            a) TRUE: “the complex logistics involved”
            b) TRUE: “The museum thinks the change will increase the wow factor for visitors.”
            c)  FALSE: “and they enable our scientists and thousands like them from around the world to do real research."
            d) TRUE: “ Every single bone is present.

Question 2

                a) -will be very impressive for visitors
                -will show the innovative science and investigation they carry at the museum
            b) -will be dismantled, cleaned and catalogued
                -then it will be suspended in the hall in a more dramatic posture

Question 3

a)       (to) convey
b)       model
c)       currently
            d)   (to) oversee
            e)   (to) bolster

Question 4

a)       The change is thought to increase the wow factor for visitors.
b)       Sir Michael Dixon commented that everyone loved 'Dippy', but it was just a copy and what made that museum special was that they had real objects from the natural world.
If we didn't know the whale history, it wouldn't be quite rare in science.     

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