jueves, 15 de enero de 2015

Volunteers begin packing away Tower of London’s ceramic poppies

Question 1
            a) False. Yesterday hundreds of volunteers began the long and repetitive task of removing and packing the 888,246 ceramic poppies that have gripped the British public’s imagination at the Tower of London
            b) False. are due to work in three three-hour shifts a day over the next two weeks packing the flowers away.
            c) False. the 19,000 who put the flowers in the moat
            d) True. the Weeping Willow, a cascade of poppies which spills from a window of the castle, and the Wave, which swirls out of the moat to form an arch over the entrance to the Tower – will remain in place until the end of the month
Question 2
            a) remove them from the Tower of London, place them in cardboard boxes, take them to a factory, deliver them to people who paid for them
            b) the Weeping Willow and the Wave will be donated to two museums

Question 3

a)       To grip
b)       To fund
c)       armistice
            d)      breathtaking
            e)      to respect

Question 4
a)       They took the first poppies off their metal stems on Wednesday.
b)       She said she thought she was so lucky to be there for the first morning and that to be part of it was such an amazing experience.

c)       As some of them are really quite stubborn, you really have to dig your hands down and pull it.

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