jueves, 15 de enero de 2015

Lies have become an accepted part of British life, poll reveals

Question 1

a.    False. “Just 5% believe it is never acceptable”.
b.    True. “ Some 16% have been untruthful about a past relationship”
c.    False.  The survey found 67% of women are likely to tell white lies compared with 58% of men, with women most likely to lie about how much something cost
d.  True. “Nearly one in seven (13%) admitted to lying when they took out an insurance policy, with 44% doing so to save money”.

Question 2
a.      They are mostly teenagers and young people who pretend to be what they are not to attract more attention and interest.
b.      The risk is that if the company discovered your lies, your claims would not be accepted or you could get less money than if you had been truthful.

Question 3

a.      Hurt / to hurt                             b. made up / to make up              c. to fib
d    application                                e. withheld / to withhold

Question 4

a.      Despite lying to me, she never hurt my feelings.
b.      If he hadn’t lied on his insurance application, the company wouldn’t have rejected his claim.
c.      Matt Lloyd said that it wasn’t surprising to see that the majority of Britons (91%) had told a lie at some point.

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