jueves, 15 de enero de 2015

Rephrasing Passive

Rewrite these sentences so their meaning doesn’t change, the beginning is given

 1.  A jeep picked up the soldiers from the base.
The soldiers…
2.      We ought to invite Susan to the party.
3.      The police took the angry youth away.
The angry…
4.      Food is being eaten right now in this class.
5.      People think pollution is not a minor problem.
6.      All the victims were being taken to hospital.
7.      The hairdresser was cutting Martha’s hair.
8.      Shoes have been made here for nearly 50 years.
9.      The teacher had completed our report cards.
10.   Mum didn’t cook dinner because she was very tired.
11.   The crew will bury the sailors to sea.
The sailors…
12.   Do they add sugar to fruit in order to make jam?

      1.       The soldiers were picked up from the base by a jeep.
2.      Susan ought to be invited to the party.
3.      The angry youth was taken away.
4.      They are eating food in the class right now.
5.      Pollution is thought not to be a minor problema.
6.      Ambulances were taking all the victims to hospital.
7.      Martha was having her hair cut.
8.      They have made shoes for nearly 50 years.
9.      We hads our report cards completed.
10.   Dinner wasns’t cooked by mun because she was very tired.
11.   The sailors will be vuried to sea.
12.   Is sugar added to fruit in order to make jam?

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