martes, 24 de abril de 2018

Prince William And Kate Middleton Welcome Third Child

Watch the video and answer the following questions:

1.- Where was the official announcement posted at?
2.- How much does the boy weigh?
3.- Was the Duke of Cambridge present for the birth?
4.- When was the boy delivered?
5.- Where was the Queen when the baby was born?
6.- What was the Wueen doing?
7.- What was Prince George wearing during the visit to his newborn brother?
8.- Which position does the baby have in the line to the British throne?
9.- Why is the baby "special" regarding the throne?
10.- How does the Duke of Cambridge feel about this birth?
11.- What names are being considered for the boy?
12.- When will the name be announced?


1.- At the gates of Buckingham Palace.
2.- He weighs 8lbs (pounds) 7oz (ounces).
3.- Yes, he was.
4.- At 11:01.
5.- The Queen was in Windsor.
6.- She was riding her horse.
7.- His school uniform.
8.- Fifth.
9.- He won't push Princess Charlotte out of the way in the line os succession, just because she is a girl.
10.- He feels happy, delighted and thrice worried.
11.- Arthur, Albert or Phillip.
12.- Soon enough.

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