martes, 24 de abril de 2018

New York's Central Park will be car-free this summer

 Click on the link below to watch a video about an important announcement by NYC Mayor concerning Central Park

     One of the nation’s most iconic urban spaces is kicking out cars. For a trial period that starts in June, vehicles will no longer be allowed to drive through New York’s Central Park, save for cross-town transverses at 97th, 86th, 79th and 65th Streets.

     Cars have been allowed on a loop drive shared with pedestrians and cyclists south of 72nd Street during certain hours. Loop drives above 72nd Street were closed to vehicular traffic permanently in 2015.For more than a century, cars have turned parts of the world’s most iconic park into a highway. Today we take it back,” de Blasio said.Central Park without cars, the Parks Department said, would be cleaner and safer.
     “Central Park is not just one of New York’s favorite parks – it’s one of the most-beloved, most-recognized parks in the entire world,” said Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver. “Now, we’re making history by demonstrating just how clean, accessible, and safe an urban park can be.”

Watch the video and complete the following sentences:

  1. We are proud to be one of the __________ __________ ____________ ________.
  2. And now this park, we realize, is full potential for ______ __________, for _____ ________, for ______ _____________.
  3. All of them will now get to ___________ ____ ______________ __________ ____.
  4. We're on the _______ of _________ _________ ______ _________.
  5. There's an existential ___________ we're facing and ________ _________ _____.
  6. This park was not _____________ _____ _________.
  7. Literally, it was built before _______ ________ __________ .

  1.'s great running cities
  2. our runners, our walkers, our bicyclers.
  3. ...enjoy a car-free Central Park.
  4. ...eve … Earth Day this weekend.
  5. ...threat.... that's climate change.
  6. built for automobiles.
  7. . there were automobiles.

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