martes, 7 de noviembre de 2017

Things to do in Edinburgh

Watch the video and answer the questions below:

1.- What nickname is given to the capital of Scotland?
2.- Which two styles are mixed in the city?
3.- When was the first defence settlement built in the area?
4.- When did the Royalty of Scotland begin using Edinburgh Castle as their residence
5.- What is the name of the street connecting the castle with Holyroodhouse Palace?
6.- What can you find at the bottom of the Royal Mile?
7.- Where does the Queen stay when in Edinburgh?
8.- When did the building of the New Town begin?
9.- When was the Royal Britannia launched?


1.- The Athens of the North
2.- Medieval and classic styles
3.- 2000 years ago
4.- 12th century
5.- Royal Mile
6.- The Scottish Parliament
7.- Palace of Holyroodhouse
8.- 18th century
9.- 1953

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