miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2016

Indian government declares Delhi air pollution an emergency


Question 1
a) False. concentrations of harmful particles so high they cannot be measured by most air quality instruments.
b) True. set their fields on fire to dispose of crop remnants
c) True. fireworks are let off across the city. They leave a haze that usually last for two or three days
d) False. The air quality right now can lead to slow brain development, mental irritation and psychological problems,” she said.

Question 2
a)  Summer. Because of the wind.
b) Making the public transport friendly with the environment.

Question 3
a) harmful
b) aimed
c) enforce
d) safe
e) struggled

Question 4
a)  The air quality...has been said to be the worst the Indian capital had seen in 17 years.
b) Since... the PM2.5 pollutants can reach deep into the lungs, they are the most harmful
c) The government... will close the schools and may ration traffic.

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