jueves, 12 de marzo de 2015

How to tell if your dog is really listening to you


Question 1

            a) True.  “dogs respond to speech in much the same way as humans do”
b) False. “processing recognisable sounds in the left hemisphere of the brain. In contrast, unusual noises or speech, are processed in the right hemisphere of the brain”
c) True. “the results support the idea that pets are paying attention "not only to who we are and how we say things, but also to what we say”
d) False. “Scientists point out that the study does not show that dogs understand what their owners are saying”

Question 2

            a) They turn right.
            b) Teaching them when they are puppies.

Question 3

a)       stare / staring
b)       commands
c)       support
            d)   evolve
            e)   likely

Question 4

a)       We process unusual noises or speech in the right hemisphere of the brain

b)       Victoria Ratcliffe said that the results supported the idea that pets were paying attention not only to who they were and how they said things, but also to what they said.

c)       Dogs... are not reported to understand what their owners say.

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