martes, 19 de noviembre de 2019


Watch the video and answer the questions below

  1. What other name is given to the Millenium Wheel?
  2. How many glass capsules does the London Eye have?
  3. When was the London Eye open?
  4. Who meets at the Houses of Parliament?
  5. What activities can you do in London parks?
  6. Who can cycle in London parks?
  7. What museum can you find in Trafalgar Square?
  8. When did the Tafalgar Battle take place?
  9. When did the Millemium Bridge open?
  10. How many stairs do you have to walk to get to the Gallery at St Paul's Cathedral?
  11. What time is the Changing of the Guard?
  12. How long does the Changing of the Guard last?
  13. What is the name of the river in London?
  14. What can you find the new Docklands area?


  1. London Eye
  2. 32
  3. March 2000
  4. The government
  5. Relax, walk and run
  6. The police
  7. The National Gallery
  8. 1815
  9. 10th June
  10. 530 
  11. 11 am
  12. 40 minutes
  13. The Thames
  14. offices and expensive apartments

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