martes, 5 de marzo de 2019

Mixed vocabualry

Choose the correct answer to show that you have understood the meaning of the words in bold.
     1. Mary slowed down when she saw the children at the corner.
         a. She stopped driving.
         b. She didn’t drive as fast as before.
      2. Professor Higgins went on a worldwide lecture tour.
         a. He lectured about many countries.
         b. He travelled to many countries.
      3. The performance was delayed because the singer hadn’t arrived.
         a. The performance started late.
         b. The performance started on time.
      4. Please use the exit on the left side of the room.
         a. Enter the room through the left door.
         b. Leave through the left door.
      5. Cautious drivers are rarely involved in accidents.
         a. They drive carefully.

         b. They drive dangerously.


1. b  2. b  3. a  4. b  5. a

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