martes, 5 de marzo de 2019


High levels of cocaine found in the Thames are making eels hyperactive

Londoners are taking (1) ..... much cocaine ..... the class A drug can be found in the River Thames - and it's making the eels hyperactive.
Cocaine from users' urine has been detected in increasing quantities, research (2) ..... the Thames monitoring station near the Houses of Parliament has shown.
The drug should be removed (3) ..... the capital's water supply (4) ..... treatment and dilution, however, the research has shown that the system is failing and the constant detection of cocaine could affect wildlife.
Eels migrate (5) ..... the Thames every year between April and October, but face many hazards and obstacles and are regarded (6) ..... critically endangered. 
They are usually found close (7) ..... the estuary, travelling as far (8) ..... Greenwich. The class A drug found in the water affects their behaviour and makes them more erratic.
Downpours that overwhelm waste plant systems and carry sewage (9) ..... the river added to the phenomena, the research said.  
'Increases (10) ..... caffeine, cocaine and benzoylecgonine [a metabolite] were observed 24 hours after sewer overflow events,' King's College London researchers told The Sunday Times' Science editor Jonathan Leake.


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