miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2016

Don't wear white shirts or brown shoes if you want City job

Question 1

a) FALSE “employers are still using unspoken dress codes to weed out the wrong sort of person in City job interviews”
b) FALSE “Firms [...] place as much importance on a person’s speech, accent, dress, behaviour and skills as on their skills and qualifications”
c) TRUE One anonymous banker admitted that such discrimination was commonplace“
d) TRUE  there are some banks doing excellent work in reducing these barriers“

Question 2

a) Companies usually consider aspects such as the way they speak and dress and how they behave. They also consider if candidates qualify for the post.
b) This candidate was discriminated, despite being quite smart, because he did not come from the approppriate background and because he was not wearing the right clothes, especially his tie.
Question 3 a) unspoken b) opaque c) commonplace d) bright e) handful

Question 4

a) If graduates did not wear brown shoes and white shirts, they would not be missing out on top jobs at investment banks in the City.
b) Employers are systematically locking out bright working-class kids of top jobs.

c) He said that  there were some banks doing excellent work in reducing those barriers and that there were still too many that needed to wake-up.

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