jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014

Phone boxes turn green to charge mobiles


Question 1

            a) True. The service is free to use.
            b) False. The boxes are maintained daily and locked overnight.
            c) True. They become ever more powerful without an equivalent technology leap in battery life.
            d) True. „On launch day, my phone ran out of battery and I genuinely had to use  the box“, said Mr                        Craston

Question 2

            a) - reinforced advertising screens to stop vandals
                -  maintained daily
                -  locked overnight
            b) - two geography studentsi nterested in finding new ways to use public spaces
                -  problem for smartphone users

Question 3

a)       novel
b)       makeover
c)       brainchild
            d)   run out of
            e)  funded

Question 4
            a)    London council is putting a novel use to disused phone boxes.
            b)    If Mr Carston hadn’t walked past a phone box every day, he wouldn’t have had this brilliant idea.
     c)    Mr Carston said that there  were 8,000 of those phone boxes lying unused in London and they had to be able to find a use for them.

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