jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014

British and American English 12

The American words in the sentences below are printed in italics. 

Replace each American word or phrase with a British word or phrase from the following list:

Petrol  jam      specialize (university studies)           garden          windscreen     underground  
Lift       shops         maths (mathematics)            university    cinema        rubbish         Note    queue      secondary school      ground floor   sweets             autumn             Petrol station

  1. We had to stand in line at the movie theater last night.
  2. Our back yard looks lovely in the fall. The leaves on the trees turn brown and red.
  3. He wants to major in math at college when he leaves high school.
  4. When you stop for gas at a gas station, they sometimes clean your windshield.
  5. We had to buy a lot at the stores, then we took the subway home.
  6. The elevator’s broken down again, but it doesn’t matter. We live on the first floor.
  7. She likes candy and bread and butter with jelly on it. They’re bad for her teeth.
  8. The only money I have is a twenty dollar bill. 
  9. In this district they only collect the garbage once a week.
1.       Queue … cinema  
2. Garden .. autumn    
3. Specialize … maths … university… secondary school 
4. Petrol .. petrol station .. windscreen         
5. Shops…underground
6.   Lift … ground floor          
7. Sweets … jam         
8. Note                       
9. rubbish

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