martes, 28 de enero de 2020


World's largest Starbucks set to open in Chicago

Watch the video and answer the following questions:
      1.     How big is the new Starbucks?
      2.     Why is it that you can drink the freshest coffee possible?
      3.     Do they serve just traditional coffee?

Now watch it again and complete the following sentences:

      1.     As soon as you _______________ in the door, you  experience roasting happening right in _________________ of your ________________ and you ___________ the _____________ to shoot from ______________ to _______________.
      2.     There're certain ________   that are specific just to the _____________ roastery.
      3.     Those ______________ are really ______________ to see.


     1.     It is 35,000 square feet.
     2.     Because the coffee is roasted right there.
     3.     No, they also serve cocktails and gelatto.

Second part
      1.     walk / front /face/ see/ beans / floor / floor
      2.     cocktails / Chicago
      3.     machines / fun

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