martes, 3 de diciembre de 2019

Understanding the meaning

Resultado de imagen de meaning

     Choose the correct continuation.
1. This room is crowded.
a. There are very few people here.
b. There are too many people here.
2. Jean is a very lively girl.
a. She talks a lot.
b. She is very quiet.
3. Young people like to live in an urban area.
a. They want to live in the city.
b. They want to live in the country.
4. Be careful of that hostile dog.
a. It likes to be with people.
b. It likes to bite.
     5.   The band’s performance was impressive.
         a. I thought the band played very well.
         b. I thought they were terrible.

1.  b    2.  a 3.  a   4.  b    5.  a

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