martes, 23 de enero de 2018

More on the song

Now answer these question about the song. 

(This could be used as a discussion / speaking  activity after listening to the song.)

  1. What feelings do the lyrics show?
  2. What do you think this line means “This world was never meant for one
    as beautiful as you.”?

  3. What about this one “They would not listen, they're not listening still
    Perhaps they never will”?

  4. Which words refer to art and painting?
  5. Which words refer to nature?


  1. The lyrics show the feelings Van Gogh had struggling with his depression: loneliness, sadness, frustration.
  2. The song writer reflects how the painter felt when nobody would understand him or appreciate his work.
  3. This line suggests that, although Van Gogh is one of the most appreciated artists now and his works are some of the most expensive ones, we still do not understand how he felt and what he wanted to express through his paintings
  4. Words connected with art and painting:
    paint, sketch, palette, artist,portraits, blue, gray, violet, colors, hue, amber, silver
  5. Words and phrases that refer to nature:
    starry night, summer´s day, hills,trees,daffodils,breeze, winter chills, snowy land, snow, flowers, haze, clouds, fields, amber grain, (silver) thorn of (bloody) rose

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