miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2017

rephrasing 18

Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets. Do not change the original meaning of the sentences.
       1.  “I’m leaving my house now,” Anne told me. (that)
       2.  Her daughter has painted some beautiful paintings. (by)
       3.  Cheryl’s dress is being made by a designer. (having)
       4.  Scientists will find solutions to the problem before 2020. (By 2020,)
       5.  I can’t watch the game if they don’t repair my TV. (unless)
       6.  It’s too bad that you didn’t pass your driving test. (wish)
       7.  My friend Thomas speaks Italian fluently. We met him in Florence. (who)
       8.  I’m sure he threw away that book. (must)


1.  Anne told me that she was leaving her house then.
2.  Some beautiful paintings have been painted by her daughter.
3.  Cheryl is having her dress made by a designer.
4.  By 2020, scientists will have found solutions to the problem.
5.  Unless they repair my TV, I can’t watch the game. / I can’t watch the game unless they repair my TV.
6.  I wish you had passed your driving test.
7.  My friend Thomas, who we met in Florence, speaks Italian fluently.

8.  He must have thrown away that book.

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