miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2017

Mom’s interview

Watch the first part of the video (2minutes 40 seconds) and answer these questions.
1.- What’s the first requirement needed?
2.- How are you going to be most of the time?
3.- Are there any breaks?
4.- When can you have lunch?
5.- What skills are necessary?
6.- What knowledge is necessary?
7.- When are you going to have holidays?
8.- Is there time to sleep?
9.- What’s the salary?
10.- What are the adjectives used by the interviewed?

1.- Mobility.
2.- Standing up.
3.- No, there aren’t.
4.- After the associate.
5.- Negotiation and interpersonal skills
6.- Medicine, finance and culinary arts.
7. Never.
8.- No.
9.- Nothing.

10.- Legal?, intense, carazy, cruel, sick twisted joke, inhumane, insane.

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