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NEW YORK (vocabulary and video)

Fill in all the gaps with the a suitable word :

New York City is (1)_____ of the largest cities in (2)_____ world. It is also one of the most densely populated , with an estimated 8 million inhabitants. Manhattan is the (3) _____ popular part of New York with tourists and has many interesting sights. There is also a large number (4)_____ businesses in this area of the city , including the head offices of some of the world's leading companies. New York's subway system provides transport for more (5)_____ a third of the city's workforce.

New York is also regarded (6)_____ the centre of entertainment. Broadway is the scene of many box-office hits, Carnegie Hall is one of the most famous concert halls in the world and the city is also home of several opera and ballet companies.

With (7)_____ choice of food, entertainment and social life than (8)_____ other city , it is wonder (9)_____ that people flock to New York to experience life in the Big Apple.


  1. one
  2. the
  3. most
  4. of
  5. than
  6. as
  7. more
  8. any
  9. no

    And now why don't you watch this video on Nuestro Blog 
    and answer the questions below?

    1. What is Broadway Avenue?
    2. Where is Times Square?
    3. Why is it called Times Square?
    4. How tall is the Chrysler Building?
    5. How big is Central Park?
    6. What can you see at Lincoln Center?
    7. Name two museums near Central Park
    8. What is the 5th Avenue famous for?
    9. How many buildings are there in Rockefeller Center?
    10. What style is St. Patrick’s Cathedral?
    11. Which religion?
    12. How many floors does the Empire State Building have?
    13. When was it built?
    14. What is Madison Square Garden used for?
    15. What colour are the taxis in New York?
    16. What’s the name of the castle in Battery Park?
    17. Who was the first president of the United States?
    18. What used to be in Ground Zero?
    19. Which animal can you see in the financial district?
    20. The Brooklyn Bridge goes from…………………… to …………………
    21. When was it completed?
    22. How much did it cost to cross it?
    23. Where was the federal immigration station?
    24. Name two neighbourhoods in Manhattan.
    25. Where do people usually go in the evenings in Manhattan?


    1. One of the longest roads in Manhattan
    2. Broadway and 42nd street
    3. Because the New York Times newspaper used to be there.
    4. It’s 1048 feet.
    5. 840 acres
    6. operas and concerts
    7. Natural History Museum and Metropolitan Museum
    8. For the expensive brand name shops.
    9. 19
    10. Gothic
    11. Catholic
    12. 86
    13. 1932
    14. Shows, sport events, awards ceremonies
    15. Yellow
    16. Clinton Castle
    17. George Washington
    18. The World Trade Center
    19. A bull
    20. Manhattan to Brooklyn
    21. in 1883
    22. 1 penny
    23. Ellis Island
    24. Chinatown, Little Italy
    25. Broadway 

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